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About KiraGrace

About KiraGrace

Undeniably gorgeous. Indisputable quality.

The KiraGrace Collections are the ultimate fusion of fashion and function.


KiraGrace is on a mission to celebrate women's beauty, strength and grace as they move through life's journeys. Our products are uniquely designed and created to be uplifting and inspiring, items that bring comfort, or a smile, just at the look, touch or feel.


At KiraGrace, we believe that there is a different way to do business. We are building a company within the yoga community that encompasses giving and nurturing as a primary value and responsibility. Our core values are integrity, honor, inspiration, community and compassion.


KiraGrace is unlike any other yoga apparel company. Our designs are the ultimate fusion of fashion and function. We are obsessed with fashion and we love bringing the latest trends, prints and designs to your activewear closet. Each KiraGrace garment is beautifully crafted of the highest quality performance fabrics with ultimate attention on all the little details that make a difference. KiraGrace garments are designed and constructed in the U.S.A. KiraGrace is sold online and in retail stores in the US, Canada, the Middle East and throughout Asia.


The KiraGrace logo is a lotus flower with an infinity symbol. The lotus flower is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol for non-attachment, purification and renewal. It’s an incredible flower, in the sense that it is rooted in the mud, and the stem pushes through the water to reach the light, the sun and to blossom. Through the strength of the stem, the lotus flower sits above the surface. The lotus with infinity represents endless (or limitless) renewal. Our symbol represents our own journeys, as we are constantly raising ourselves up from life’s challenges and finding newer, brighter paths… we are always opening toward the light.


Kira Karmazin has spent her entire career in women’s fashion apparel. She has been the force behind many successful product lines at Lucy Activewear, Victoria’s Secret and Gap. She knows what makes a woman look and feel her most beautiful and confident self. This has been her life’s work.

Kira has a life-long passion for yoga and wellness. She has been practicing yoga for more years than she cares to admit. Kira’s yoga and spiritual practices have been the foundation and guiding light for her during both joyous and difficult times.

Kira’s “aha!” moment came when she realized that there are many women moving through life’s transitions and challenges. “We’re all going through many of the same things at the same time. And I want to provide inspirational products for women - items that bring comfort, or a smile, just at the look, feel or touch. Items designed and created to be uplifting and inspiring.”And that is how Kira was inspired to create something unique; something created for women, by women. The company is KiraGrace, named after the founder, and her daughter Grace (the light and inspiration in her life).