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The Jet Set Yogini: 6 Must-Have Summer Vacation Outfits

Posted by Shelby Comito on


The Jet Set Yogini: 6 Must-Have Summer Vacation Outfits

The Jet Set Yogini: 6 Must-Have Summer Vacation Outfits

We are thick into the intoxicating summer season, and one of the most exciting topics on everyone's lips is summer trips. Our calendars are peppered with exciting dates and destinations, and next week our team is all over the place - New York, Tahoe, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Telluride. We've already started packing our bags, and we're aiming to make traveling as easy as possible by packing comfortable essentials, one or two standout pieces, neutral layers, and take anywhere accessories. It's important to avoid overpacking and instead pack easy, versatile pieces that you can mix up and work into several different outfits. Here's where everyone's going next weekend and the outfit we can't bear to leave without

Kira: New York City

I'm destined for a much-needed vacation at my New York house. My home-base for over 10 years, New York will always have a piece of my heart and I love any chance I get in the fashion empire of the U.S. You can really rev up the fashion in NY, but we all know that you can never ever go wrong with a chic, black look. I plan to keep things simple but no less sophisticated with some of my favorite new pieces from our summer line - the adorable new Victoria Crop Top overlaid with the sleek, edgy Mesh Tunic and Ultra High Waist Capris

New York City Look Victoria Crop Top Mesh Tunic

Breezy: Tahoe

Every year my family meets in my home-town of Tahoe for a reunion. I love Tahoe because it's absolutely breathtaking, the air is so fresh and rejuvenating, and you can go snowboarding and hit the beach all in the same day. My weekend goals are all about comfort and relaxation, so I plan on traveling light with mix-and-match neutrals that have interesting details. My go-to outfit to accomplish this is the Paradise Laser-Cut Legging with the Warrior Summer Tank in Heather Grey. It's so comfortable yet different, I'm going to want to live in it all weekend.

Tahoe Paradise Laser-Cut

Dana: Comic-con in San Diego

I'm staying here in San Diego next week, but I'm going to one of the most exciting San Diegan events of the year, Comic-Con. The world's largest annual comic and pop culture festival, this event attracts people from across the globe and it's all about what you're going to wear because everyone dresses up. But with long days standing in lengthy lines and squeezing among huge crowds during the heat of summer, you'd better dress as comfortable and cool as possible. I haven't completely decided what I'm going to wear, but as of now I'm leaning toward a Game of Thrones-esque outfit. I plan on wearing the Goddess Corset Cami or the Victoria Crop Top with a long, flowy skirt, ornate jewelry and big curls with small braids woven throughout.

San Diego Victoria Crop Top Goddess Corset Cami

Shelby: Telluride Yoga Festival in Telluride, Colorado

It's hard to beat summers in Colorado, and Telluride in particular has been a destination spot on my wish list for years. A charming little town center with a stunning mountain vista that serves as a backdrop, this laidback, western-style mountain town will be booming with yogis next weekend for Telluride Yoga Festival, named by Huffington Post as one of the top 6 yoga festivals that will strengthen your practice. I'd be amiss without the Warrior Paradise Strappy Tankmy all-time favorite leggings the Glamour Goddess High Waist Tights and a cowboy hat and boots, of course.

Telluride Strappy Tank High Waist

Carissa & Kim: IDEA in Las Vegas

We are hitting the road for the vibrant night lights of Vegas for the annual IDEA Fitness Convention. KiraGrace will be at the Expo all weekend long, and we're bringing so many gorgeous goodies your way along with some great prizes and exclusive show deals for the event. For a weekend overflowing with fitness and nutrition professionals, cutting-edge health educations, and amazing classes, we are bringing our hottest activewear to ensure optimal performance and stand-out fashion.

Carissa: I'm obsessed with modern, chic pieces that make a unique yet subtle statement. The outfit I can't wait to sport this weekend is the Grace Crop Top with the Romance Mesh Lace-Up Leggings and I'm bringing the Mesh Tunic in White as a light, gorgeous layer to keep in my bag and easily throw on.

Las Vegas Lace Up Legging

Kim: I'm keeping things bright and fresh for a Vegas summer weekend. I adore the Ultra High Waist Capri in Temptation print and I love letting a pretty print like this one shine by teaming it up with a simple neutral top like the Hi-Low Cami and some delicate jewelry.

Ultra High Waist Hi-Low Cami

Where is your summer taking you? Let us know in the comments below and tell us about your travel essentials!

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