A Mother's Love: Poem

A Mother's Love: Poem

Posted by Shelby Comito On 9th May 2015 In kira grace, mom, mother, mother's love, motherhood, poem


Is there any greater honor in life than to be a mother? There is nothing that can take her place; her presence greatly impacts the foundation of our life, our very selves. To those women who have formed us and raised us, whether biological or in spirit, we celebrate, recognize, and honor you this day and always.

She holds him in her arms
knowing that she will only be able to
for as long as he lets her.
Exhaustion hangs on the corners of her eyes,
but as she peers into his soft, sleeping face,
she forgets her fatigue,
the throbbing shoulders, and wakeful nights –
it all melts at the sight of his fragile beauty
wrapped safely within her
arms never knowing purpose until now.
A surge of sorrow shakes her chest
knowing she can’t keep him;
she will have to send him forth into the world
all too soon,
always too soon.
Yet her gentle face radiates with immense joy,
clutching to the promise that he will be hers in her heart always
and she, in his.

Poem by Shelby Comito

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