The Power of Fashion: Kathryn Budig's Latest Collection

The Power of Fashion: Kathryn Budig's Latest Collection

Kathryn Budig is back and better than ever with her latest collaboration with KiraGrace. We could not be more excited to work with Kathryn a second time. Her outlook when combining fashion and activewear is incredibly refreshing and always brings a fun flair to our designs. When Kathryn set out to create these pieces, she made sure to infuse her vibrant personality into functional styles that would make anyone feel fabulous. We're obsessed with every bit of this collection, and we know that you will be too! We're excited to share Kathryn's inspiration with you here:

Peplum Yoga tee in Black

KG - How would you describe your personal sense of style?

KB - Rock n’ roll chic who weekends in poufy dresses with beat-up sneakers.

KG - Have you always had an interest in fashion? How has your career in the yoga world expanded or augmented your creativity?

KB - I’ve loved the transformative power of fashion ever since I was young. A theatrical friend of my mother’s gifted me a large trunk of clothes for dress-up/make-believe. I was bit with the bug and have never been the same since.

KG - Did the process of working on this collection with KiraGrace differ at all from your first collaboration, and if so, how?

KB - Kira was more willing to take chances. Our first collection was edgy but we kept it clean. This collection branches off with textures, new silhouettes, and bold patterns. I had to talk Kira into the leopard duster to wear to and from class (or over jeans), but I know it will be worth it!

Leopard Duster

KG - In what ways do you think your personality comes through in this collection?

KB - I love clothing that makes a statement without being overdone. I think the pieces are sexy without trying, and they feel like me whether I’m on the mat or running around during the day.

KG - How do you create space for yourself mentally and physically when you are working on a new project?

KB - I give myself permission to explore, research and daydream. I’ve found true creation only happens when you slow down and truly start to notice the small things that often pass you by.

KG - When it comes to designing your own clothes, where do you draw your inspiration?

KB - I have a friend who owns an amazing boutique. I’ve joined her in Paris several times for fashion week to get inspiration, and constantly pursue what upcoming designers are dabbling in to see how it could translate into fitness wear.

KG - In our fitness-focused culture, it can seem like the possibilities for purchasing activewear are endless. What do you think makes the pieces in your new collection with KiraGrace stand apart?

KB - I’ve come from more of a fashion angle. This collection is for the person who dresses as a means of expression, not just to get the job done. Kira brings her experience in textile, design, and functionality. I also love her ethos and that it’s a female, independently run company.

Bubble Yoga Tank (Wildflower)

KG - What is your favorite piece from the new collection and why?

KB - SO HARD TO ANSWER. I’m living in my Aim True and Pasta tee, the bubble tank is my go-to when I want to look chic, and I basically live in leopard, so the slash legging and robe are where it’s at.

KG - Your slogan is “Aim True.” What does that mean to you?

KB - Aiming True is the ability to move past the noise and expectations of others so you can find who you are and how to nurture that person and their abilities.

KG - You make everything look on-trend. Tips on styling one of your new pieces for an everyday ensemble?

KB - I love to tie the new tees on one side when I practice to give it a cropped look. The bubble tank pairs perfectly with our high waisted leggings, but also looks amazing with high waisted pants or a skirt. Any kind of denim, bottom or button-down, would look perfect with this collection. That and a proper leather jacket. I love chunky boots or Converse-style sneakers with everything from this line.

Kathryn Budig Collection

Isn’t she fabulous?! We loved hearing about the motivation and inspiration behind Kathryn's designs. You will undoubtedly love the way these pieces mix and match to highlight your unique personality. 


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