Marie Belle Perez Rivera

KiraGrace Warrior

Location: Washington DC

My life calling and practice has led me to travel the world and immerse myself fully in yoga and meditation through villages in India, Indonesia, Portugal, the Caribbean, and the United States. Developing a deep yoga and meditation practice has completely transformed my movement patterns, communication abilities, and capacity to perceive and offer love. I am grounded in a daily Mysore and Dharma yoga practice. I also love and train hand balancing, rock climbing, and dance; all of it is intuitive movement. It's all love. I am happy to offer yoga classes, movement retreats, workshops, and intensives in the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Europe, and the Caribbean.

With extensive training as a Psychologist in Social Emotional Development (Ph.D.), Women’s Studies (Graduate Certificate), Reiki, Magnified Healing, and Oneness Awakening, my classes utilize a keen awareness of the intellectual, emotional, and energetic body to empower those who practice consistently, for a long period of time, with devotion. I offer universal intimacy, full of love, honor, and a sweet mix of playfulness, integrity, and discipline. 

To connect with me, make sure to follow my ongoing journeys via instagram and facebook.