Marie Belle Perez Rivera

KiraGrace Warrior

Location: Washington DC

Marie Belle is a Psychology professor, dedicated student, and certified teacher of Ashtanga and Rocket yoga in Washington, DC. Marie Belle enjoys the overall transformational aspects of yoga and is grateful to have the opportunity to share this practice with her students. With her extensive training as a Psychologist in Social Emotional Development and Women's Studies, her classes utilize her keen awareness of the intellectual and emotional body to empower those who practice consistently, for a long period of time, with devotion. Her classes are highly influenced by the athleticism, strength, and balance she has gained from Ashtanga and Rocket yoga, the gracefulness from Anusara’s life-affirming alignment principles, and the therapeutic and calming benefits of Hot yoga.

Marie Belle teaches yoga classes, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings in the US as well as the Caribbean including Mexico and Puerto Rico. A devoted student and mindful teacher of yoga, Marie Belle’s classes provide an environment for both an invigorating practice and an empowering experience.

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