Odette Hughes

KiraGrace Warrior

Location: Virginia

Odette found formal yoga practices at the age of 19 and began a life-long journey as a teacher and as a student. She does not believe in a one-way-fits-all approach to yoga and celebrates the opportunity to help students discover their own inner guidance.

Odette hopes to create informed healing experiences through her approach, which has been influenced by both holistic and biomedical perspectives. She appreciates the melding of many different styles which make the yoga community diverse and accessible to everyone. Her training and education are extensive but she firmly believes in always keeping a beginner’s mind and treats her sessions and classes as opportunities for students to teach her about their individual way of moving and being. She currently serves in the yoga community as a therapist and educator.

Outside of doing yoga Odette can be found out with friends, playing the cello, and researching for her PhD.