Brenn Micael

Location: Traveling Teacher

I am a lover of all things nature, specifically woods, mountains and streams.  I have lived in 5 different states over the last fifteen years and have developed a keen ability to adapt and adjust.  I am passionate about the humanity of animals, dedicated to sustainability and devote my time to helping the retired seniors keep an active and healthy lifestyle.  


As a student of yoga, I enjoy finding physically challenging classes and am constantly working on the balance of sthira and sukha on the mat.  Practicing patience and compassion with myself has opened a door for me to grow and expand in a different way.  I am a firm believer in the breath and understand the gravity it has on us all.   My personal practice weaves in and out of Ashtanga and Rocket, and I practice Handstands everyday.  I love to be upside down.


As a teacher of yoga, I like to challenge my students because I believe it initiates a true internal process that awakens us.  I feel those who are afraid to challenge themselves are afraid to challenge others and I like to offer students a space where they can transcend limitations while still honoring boundaries.  I can teach many styles of yoga but prefer those in the Rocket Vinyasa series, as it gives a lot of variety and modifications and is just a truly inspiring practice.  


My passion for yoga is completely on fire and I love to share it with any and all.  I pray that my love for yoga will always radiate through me on and off the mat and that it will always translate to others in a positive light.  


Currently, I am teaching part time in Colorado Springs, CO and traveling through TX and NC for Rocket Master Classes, Yoga Immersions and Specialty Workshops.