How to Pull Off Fall's "It" Prints

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Fall Fashion Trends

How to Wear Fall's "It" Prints

As the cooler days and longer nights of fall approach, fashion takes on a moody edge making it prime time to update your fall wardrobe. Are your go-to fall looks full of jet black leggings? Time to rethink that wardrobe, girl! Take advantage of all the deep, rich prints this season has to offer. Enter head-turning options from subtle herringbone to sophisticated leopard prints. Here are four ways to wear fall's "it" prints:


Kira discovered this ombré Herringbone print in Italy and immediately fell in love. For us, it signifies feminine strength and beauty. This subtle, menswear-inspired, monochromatic pattern makes it super easy to wear. So many different colors and patterns work with this legging. We especially love it paired with our Goddess Mesh Yoga Tank in Siren printed mesh. Here's how we're wearing this legging: 

Fall Prints


We firmly believe that a girl can never have too much leopard, which is why we have not one, but TWO gorgeous new leopard prints out this fall season: Dark Leopard and Charcoal LeopardThere's something kind of magical about leopard print. Whether it's a statement jacket or a simple accessory, it automatically adds a flash of irresistible pizzazz to every look. Leopard print has a long fashion history, and although it's a bold print, it's very wearable. With the natural tones, you can make this print your new neutral. The key? Balance. We love it with a simple, elegant top like the Glamour Goddess Luxe Halter.

Fall It Prints


We are loving the way our warrior Brenn Micael styled her Grace High Waisted Herringbone Leggings with just a pop of our Flirt Charcoal Leopard Bra peeking out and topped it off with fun accessories like a white vest, cool kicks, and a fashionable hat. 



There's nothing like a decadent, stormy floral to get you into a fall mood. Our captivating Siren print cultivates elegance, confidence, and beauty. You can either wear this print in all its vibrant glory in our Goddess Ruched Legging. Or we are loving the more subtle take on this print in our Goddess Siren Yoga Tight, which features slim, enchanting mesh gathers down the length of the leg.

Fall It Prints


We want to see your fall style! Post a photo on Instagram and tag us @kiragraceyoga. XO!

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