Why we love this: Wonderful Morning is a recipe book for anyone who wants to make the most of the first hours of the day – and be charged with energy that will last long into the evening.  The book provides delicious ideas, whether after a takeaway breakfast, calm moment with a coffee and newspaper, or weekend brunch with friends.



  • 80 recipes
  • Perfect way to start your day
  • Range from oatmeal to muesli, jam, homemade bread, spreads, quiches, & drinks to match
  • Most important meal of the day will never be boring
  • Recipes by Emilia Vartiainen
  • Published by Cozy Publishing



  • Recipes: Emilia Vartiainen
  • Photography: emilia Vartiainen & Elena Vartiainen
  • Layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo
  • Made in Latvia