3 Yoga Poses for a Quick Reset

3 Yoga Poses for a Quick Reset

Posted by Kristina Reese On 23rd Oct 2020 In kiragrace, reset, shiva pose, warrior pose, yoga pose

Feeling frazzled or foggy? Bored or unmotivated? Just snapped at your coworker or need a break from your kids? We all have those moments! And While we cannot always change our situations or setbacks, we CAN alter our internal environment By taking a few breaths to reset. When we add intentional movement and a mantra (a phrase to focus on), the effects are even greater.

Try these poses based on your need (or ideally all 3!) to invite yourself back to equilibrium, balancing your energy and breathing into the present.

For each pose, take a minimum of 6-10 breaths using the mantra, ‘I am here now.’ You can repeat the mantra in pieces, inhale– ‘I am’ exhale– ‘here now’ or as a full phrase with each long breath. Stating out loud or letting it resonate in your head while breathing into the present helps with acceptance of the moment and feelings (positive or negative) and sets a space of clarity to move into the next moment with confidence and peace.

Commit to this practice when you need a quick reset:

1. Rag Doll Pose

Rag Doll Pose is especially good for calming anxiety and re-centering. To come into the pose, step feet slightly wider than hip-distance, bend your knees, and bow forward at the hips resting your torso towards your legs. You can allow your arms to dangle to your shins/floor or hold opposite elbows. Let yourself hang upside down releasing your legs and back muscles while turning your focus inward. A soft sway side to side can feel good too. 

Rag Doll Pose

2. Star Pose

Star Pose is Especially good for establishing a sense of groundedness and building confidence. To come in to the pose, step in to a comfortable straddle (feet about 4-5ft apart) with toes pointing slightly outwards. Reach arms out and up, stretching out on the diagonals and spreading fingers wide. Imagine radiating out in all directions, spacious, yet stable, through your arms, legs, and even the top of your head. Eyes can be open or closed, but lift the gaze slightly above the horizon.

Star Pose

3. Chest Expansion 

Chest expansion helps energize and open the front of the body, expanding focus or invoking empathy and friendliness. Enter with your feet spaced like either pose above, reach your hands behind you to clasp, or place on hips, with elbows reaching back. Puffing your chest open, you can lift to the sky or bow back below, whichever feels most suited to your needs physically or energetically—maybe even try both! 

Chest Expansion

Through these poses and mantra-layered breathing practices, you can choose to hit reset. With presence and awareness, you can cultivate acceptance before action as you go throughout your day.

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