5 Daily Rituals to Start Today

5 Daily Rituals to Start Today

On Jul 20 2023

Any practice can become ceremonial when we set our intention, trust our inner guidance, and believe it is meaningful. And while this is true, we all tend to get busy, hurry through our day, our week, the month, suddenly a year has gone by and we wonder where the time went. Pausing to find ceremony and ritual in everyday life is a wonderful way to bring balance to the daily chaos.                                                                                                

Here are some easy ways to integrate ceremony and ritual time into your daily life:

1. Begin With Intention

Sip your morning cup of something warm with an intention to start your day slowly, silently, and with trust, write down your intention, draw a card, or meditate. Begin your day with one of these mindfulness practices so you can feel clear and calm through whatever your day may bring.

2. Dress for Confidence

You set the tone for your day with the pieces you put on.  Look for styles that are simple, elegant, and comfortable to take you through each moment. Discover outfits that make you feel like the best version of yourself, whether you're heading to the office, attending a meeting, or enjoying quality time with your loved ones. Each choice you make in the morning can influence your mindset and energy throughout the day.

3. Take A Break 


Set aside 10-15 minutes during your lunch break to walk outside, sit in stillness, or read a book. You can try practicing mindful meditation on your lunch walk.

4. Don't Forget to Breath

After work, before you pick up your d from daycare or walk in the house, take a few minutes in your car to breathe, replay the events of the workday without judgment or attachment, and then do 5 rounds of deep belly breathing before you reunite with your family or even enter your home space.

5. Practice Self-Care

Take a nice warm shower or bath to wash off the day before bed and imagine anything else that’s lingering washing away. You can also burn some incense or palo santo to clear your space. Maybe add some herbs and candles to your evening shower or bath routine.                                 

6. (Bonus!) Write it Down


Find some slow movements before bed and then journal about how your body felt during the movement. Then end your day in peace by journaling.

Some journaling ideas:

-3 things you are grateful for

-Tomorrow's to-do

-Things that you did today that made you proud or happy                       

There are many moments throughout the day to pause, breathe and invite ceremony and intention into daily life. Elevating these practices can be fun too. Daily ceremonies are amplifications of the routines we all find ourselves in. Instead of allowing yourself to get stuck in routine, remember to change things up.

Go with the flow, connect to the Moon cycles, and seasonal shifts, and your energy ebbs and flows. Don’t get hung up on skipping a ritual, just allow yourself the space you need to explore. Invite those in your life to participate with you too and share in the magic of belief, trust, and intention.

Remind yourself that any moment has the opportunity to be ceremonial. It's all in your perspective, and your choice to choose ceremony rather than continue in chaos. The slow path of ritual gives your body, mind, and spirit a chance to join you at that moment and receive whatever gift and manifestation appear.