5 Minute STRONG, SEXY Arms Workout

5 Minute STRONG, SEXY Arms Workout

Posted by Dr. Ariele Foster (DPT) On Jul 14 2023

In this empowering video, Ariele shares her secret to achieving strong and sculpted arms to conquer the challenging yoga pose, Chaturanga. 

Build Chaturanga Arms Before You Hit the Mat

Whether you're a yoga enthusiast striving to enhance your practice or you're simply looking for toned arms, this workout has got you covered. Join Ariele as she guides you through a dynamic 5-minute routine designed to target your arms from all angles. She offers both weighted and bodyweight options, allowing you to tailor the workout to your individual preferences and fitness level. 

With  Ariele's expert tips and modifications, you'll steadily progress towards mastering Chaturanga. By incorporating this routine into your regular fitness regimen, you'll not only enhance your strength but also get those sleek and sexy arms. Ready to transform your arms and boost your yoga performance? Hit play on this quick and invigorating video, and unlock the secrets to building Chaturanga arms before you even step onto the mat. Get ready to feel empowered, confident, and unstoppable!

Ariele is a doctor of physical therapy and long time yoga teacher / practitioner who runs an integrative wellness clinic in Washington, DC as well as Yoga Anatomy Academy, an online continuing education platform.