5 Smart is Sexy Looks: Tiffany Cruikshank's Collection Inspiration

5 Smart is Sexy Looks: Tiffany Cruikshank's Collection Inspiration

Posted by Kirra Bixby & Mackenzie McDonald On Jun 28 2019 In fashion, kira grace, tiffany cruikshank, tiffany cruikshank clothing line, yoga clothes

When it comes to fashion, details are everything. Global Ambassador Tiffany Cruikshank knows this well—which is one of the many reasons we were so thrilled to collaborate with her on creating the Seva collection! When Tiffany set out to design these beautiful pieces, she made sure to incorporate elements of her own personal flair (think strong shapes & dramatic details) with KG’s trademark commitment to elegance and functionality. We're obsessed with the results, and we know you will be, too!

We’re honored to work with Tiffany, and loved hearing her thoughts on everything from style to simplicity to seva…

KG – What made you choose to collaborate on a collection with KiraGrace?

TC – Kira was a student of mine many years ago, when she started her own company she asked me to model some of the clothes for her line. The quality & attention to detail had me hooked from the beginning. I loved her products so much that I wanted to co-create.

KG – Where did you draw inspiration from for this collection?

TC – I’m obsessed with asymmetry and sharp lines (both in fashion & interior design). I believe in the power of what you don’t say as much as what you do, which is why I love simple elegant pieces with high quality components that you can live in.

Seva One Shoulder Yoga Crop Top (Calypso)

KG – What was your favorite part about co-designing a collection?

TC – I love fashion so getting to design my own line is such a treat. And to have the support of such an incredible team was amazing.

KG – How would you style an outfit from this collection outside of a yoga class?

TC – I love it with jeans or a loose wide neck tee, maybe with some fun jewelry. Or dressed up a bit with a statement coat and some fancy shoes. I love that this collection can be simple or it can be the statement if you keep the complimentary pieces simple. I made the crop tops so that they can be a top on their own with high waisted pants or a high waisted skirt but they can also be an accent neckline to go under a tank or a see-through top.

Seva One Shoulder Yoga Crop Top (White)

KG – What is your personal style?

TC – I love shabby chic. I love me a good rock tee with a fun skirt or a dress with a great pair of sneakers. Usually a little edgy but sometimes a bit more girly. I love a long duster coat/sweater, that’s kind of my go-to for travel.

Seva Warrior 7/8 Yoga Legging (Black)

KG – What is your favorite piece in your collection?

TC – The Seva Warrior Yoga Crop Top in Olive & the Warrior Tiffany Seva Yoga Legging in Olive.

Warrior Tiffany Seva Yoga Legging (Olive)

KG – How do you want women to feel when they put on your pieces?

TC – Strong, smart, sexy, powerful but with the intelligence & integrity to make the right choices! I want women to feel like themselves, so many times we buy something because it makes us feel like someone else but I want the lines in this collection to accentuate your unique strengths. I can’t wait to see how the collection comes alive on each person wearing it! I want women to feel empowered not just in how they feel wearing it but in remembering the women they are empowering by giving back as well. 

Seva Warrior Yoga Crop Top (Olive)


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