7 Ways to Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

7 Ways to Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

Posted by Kristina Reese On 11th Apr 2024

Balance is an active state, whether we are trying to juggle work/life in our days or flavor in our meals, it is about constantly assessing what we need to be alive in equilibrium. sometimes we need to push hard and sweat through a work out, other times we need to soothe our bodies and our minds in a restorative yoga pose.

In addition, our energy is not gendered, we all have the masculine and feminine to balance. Sometimes we need intensity and strength, other times gentleness and rest. There is a constant ebb and flow, and any input or output will have an influence, depending on the situation, we might choose to hone our current energy, keeping with the flow, and other times we want to temper or counter or experience.

Generally, masculine energy is associated with the sun-heat, intensity, while feminine energy is characterized by at-home, cool, nurturing, or slow lunar essence. Where this can get epically interesting is when we fill out the interplay between the two. For example, staying home while working hard, or giving feedback without being destructive.

With the divine masculine and feminine, it’s about being in tune with the flux of what would be useful and most wholesome in a moment. 

Here are 7 ways to help balance, the masculine and feminine energies:

1. Reach for it. The right side of the body is associated with the masculine, and the left is feminine. try going about tasks intentionally leading one or the other.

2. Lie down to connect. Laying on your stomach brings a sense of nurturing and calm to your nervous system, protecting your internal organs, and bringing your heart closer to the Earth. Laying flat on your back can help bring a sense of openness and fearlessness, intentionally exposed and trusting the support.

3. Do some yoga. Move mindfully, and feel the effects of a restorative or Yin class versus a more active Vinyasa or power class. Embrace the moments of Yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) in each. Breathing practices such as Kapalbhati or “ breath of fire” can stimulate and energize, while others, like andi shoddhana or balance breathing can calm and relax.

4. Dress to Express. Wearing cool colors like blues, purples and greens connects with the feminine energy. Hot colors, like red, orange, yellow, and brights connect to the heat of the masculine. In addition, patterns can play both ways of thinking of the flashy look of many male birds to get attention, or the feminine essence to play up bright colors for expression.

5.Treat yourself. Luxurious, chocolate or a warm desert can bring about the feminine sensuality and depth, while a tart fruity or cold tree can fuel the masculine. Maybe a bit of both with a warm brownie a la mode?

6. Charge up. Carey a crystal or place it somewhere or you can see it to remind you of its energetics purpose. Try rose, quartz, or selenite for the feminine and black onyx or red jasper for the masculine.

7. Head to the heat. A dry heat, I found in the desert or sauna, can rev up the masculine, while choosing to sweat in the DMP of a steam room, or humid climate helps embrace the dewy feminine.

In conclusion, what matters is tuning into the ebb and flow and recognizing you have the power to influence any situation with your approach. Sometimes we want to hone our current energy i.e. Keep feeling courageous, strong, nurturing, etc. and other times we want to temper the energy or counter experience. Bringing awareness to the divine masculine and feminine empowers us to be more balanced in our lives.