Cultivating True Beauty

Cultivating True Beauty

Posted by Shelby Comito On 9th Jan 2015 In beauty, confidence, joy, kiragrace, meditation



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As women, we are bombarded with beauty tips on a daily basis. From new hair products, to anti-aging creams and styling tricks, we are constantly being encouraged to achieve greater beauty. This desire is actually a lovely part of our innate design. But as much as a facial and a new pair of shoes can help us feel our best, we want to encourage you to pursue a deeper beauty that is never at risk of fading away. This kind of beauty cannot be easily bought or attained – it requires great intention and determination. Yet it is a quality worth fighting for because it is a true, lasting beauty. Here are our tips for cultivating true beauty in your life:

1. Morning Meditation

When you wake up in the morning, instead of immediately jumping into your workout routine or rushing to tame your hair and throw on something decent before hurrying out the door, set aside a few minutes for meditation. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes early, make yourself a cup of tea or hot lemon water, and spend 10 minutes in prayerful meditation. What do you need this morning? Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed? Practice some simple deep breathing exercises. Do you feel worried about the future or lonely and unappreciated? Make a list of five things you are thankful. Not sure what you are feeling? Maybe just journal or close your eyes and meditate on a word or phrase that you want to focus on that day. These few minutes will realign your heart and help get you started on the right foot.

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2. Simplify

Instead of pining over all the things you don't have in your wardrobe, take some time over the weekend to purge your closet and simplify! What do you hardly wear that you don't really need to hang onto anymore? Perhaps you have a cute top you don't wear often and you know your best friend would adore it! And how many jackets do you really need? Because there are plenty of people who are in need of a good jacket for these winter months. Learn to hold things loosely and live generously – you will find that the more you give away, the more you gain in return!

3. Do Something For Someone Else

It is all too easy to live each day focused primarily on your needs, but this kind of thinking produces selfish habits, ingratitude, and unhappiness. Instead, what could you do for someone else today? Whether it's sacrificing your time this week to make dinner for a family or friend in need, writing a letter to an old friend, or simply sending an encouraging text message to a family member, you'll find that taking time to love others creates joy for both the giver and the recipient. 

4. Breakup With Makeup

Terrified to leave the house without makeup? Makeup is meant to highlight your beauty, not define it!! Don't hide those beautiful features under layers of base and shadows. Maybe challenge yourself to a makeup-free day this week or simply a minimal-makeup day, and instead focus on what you are grateful for all day. Believe us, you will be glowing with a lasting radiance that no beauty product could ever reproduce! 

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