Hone Your Inner Goddess Energy

Hone Your Inner Goddess Energy

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We are all energy.

Think about that for a moment. Every atom has its own unique energy signature, vibrating in a whirl of tornado-like power. And we’re made of those vibrating atoms, right? Even more mind-blowing: our individual feelings, thoughts and emotions can have quite an effect on that atomic energy. So to follow that logic, the more we honor our selves and live our inner truth — feeling our feelings, using our voice and consistently connecting to what lives deep in our heart space — the more authentic, true-to-us energy gets sent out into the universe.

And as female-identifying creatures, the goddess energy lives right inside that inner truth.

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Goddess Energy is just another way to describe the divine feminine essence — that universal umbilical cord that connects us to one another, nourishing us with heart wisdom and harmony with nature. The goal? To let the Goddess Energy lead us to that blissful state, where our consciousness rises above the ego.

Oh, the ego. That tricky little devil. But never fear — the divine feminine is patient, loving and simply waiting for you to tune in. Our job: to let go of resistance and open ourselves up, and let in that energy. It’s emotional work — but also incredibly rewarding. Here’s a few tricks we’ve learned on our own journey…

1. Feel your feelings.

When you suppress feelings, you trap emotion in your body, creating stagnation. This is probably not a surprising statement, but Goddess Energy likes to flow. Feel the feeling, release it, and refrain from self-judgment. This is not easy; but self-compassion — and if needed, a safe space — is key.

2. Listen to your intuition. AKA, your inner voice.

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It’s called “feminine intuition” for a reason. It’s called lots of things, actually: a gut feeling, your inner voice, your inner goddess. It’s a gift from the divine feminine; and it involves leading from your heart space — not your brain.

3. Get still.

Meditate on the regular. And no, it doesn’t have to be 1.5 hours of chanting and breath work. It just means you dedicate any length of time — could be five minutes, two minutes, or twenty — to sit in stillness, and try to dig beneath the thoughts to a quiet, contemplative space. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. It’s difficult, but the eventual awareness allows access to goddess energy, and opens up a dreamy soul dialogue.

4. Make friends with your body.

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Your body is your vessel; it deserves compassion, respect and reverence. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you understand: your body went ahead and created a baby with little to no involvement from your conscious, thinking brain. It’s literally awe-inspiring. Yet, we criticize and judge our bodies, and unknowingly use them as a convenient place to store old resentments, shame and trauma —blocking all that rad body wisdom and good ol’ goddess energy.

The good news: our cells regenerate themselves all the time. Healing is always an option. And yoga? Yoga is everything. Yoga re-acquaints us with our body wisdom. It grounds us in self-trust and knowledge. And when practiced from the heart, connects us to the divine feminine and our inner goddess.


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