#RISEwithKiraGrace Giveaway Challenge

#RISEwithKiraGrace Giveaway Challenge

Posted by Kirra Bixby & Sophie Hoefler On Sep 20 2020 In giveaway, kiragrace, yoga challenge, yoga pose

2020 continues to challenge us in unprecedented ways. Our mission at KiraGrace has always been to support women moving through transitions, and your patience, strength and perseverance through these difficult times has inspired us to dedicate the month of September to Rising Together with the KiraGrace community. Our goal is to continue to bring you a little bit of sunshine and inspiration as we navigate these changes.

Rising Together would not be possible without you. We asked you, our incredible KiraGrace community, to share how you #RISEwithKiraGrace in your everyday lives, and we received some beautiful responses:  


Ann Levine (@annlevine)

Ann is a yoga teacher who is sharing her light by offering different types of virtual yoga sessions along with inspirational posts for her community. We love Ann's gorgeous shot of her practicing yoga and rising above a river, paired with a Maya Angelou quote:

Ann Levine

"Still, like air, I rise. -Maya Angelou

Melissa Maddern (@peaceful_melissa)

Melissa is a Norcal mama living in Texas who dances to her own beat and spreads good vibes wherever she goes!

Melissa MaddernMelissa Maddern

"I was woken up early this morning to the sounds of thunder and lightning and was immediately drawn to roll out my mat and do some yoga and meditation  Something about sounds of heavy rain felt like Mother Nature was rinsing away all the stress and that I’ve been carrying around lately, like a little reset courtesy of the God of Thunder (thanks Thor!) Today I’m choosing gratitude and positive vibes only #risewithkiragrace"

Steph (@stephyogafit)

Step is a hot yoga teacher who has been sharing the light with her followers by sharing her own yoga journey and progress.


"Elephant Trunk Pose in @kiragrace #RISEwithKiraGrace Rising high on these @baseblocks canes! #bestpresents #higherisbetter"

"A little wobbly today but got the transition to chinstand which was the goal!"


Fufi Brower (@auntfufi)

Fufi is a yoga teacher and KG fan who is involved with Yoga Medicine and dedicated to giving back to her community. She rises with KiraGrace in offering virtual yoga classes and fostering friendships, old and new! 

Fufi Brower

"As you know, I started Monday & Thursday evening zoom yoga classes a few months ago when I was not able to teach live. I have been absolutely blown away at how many friends have joined me, both old and new! 

I am so grateful for friends who have consistently shown up on their yoga mats creating a little zoom yoga community ( how strange does that sound?) I have learned that in hard and strange days, we support each other however we can. We can foster and grow friendships and relationships through strange and innovative ways!

I appreciate those of you who have joined in and I am thankful for years of steadfast friendship. I am grateful for the rekindling of oldie but goodie friends and so happy to be making new friends.
I love that because of these classes you feel better, you have donated to those in need and I have been able to continue doing something I love! THANK YOU!"

Adeline (@yogade)

Adeline is a talented KG fan who is rising with KiraGrace in perfecting her yoga poses and sharing with her followers. 


“'A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too.' ~ Miranda Kerr"

Melissa (@melissaleanp)

Melissa is a KG fan and mother who is sharing her positivity through inspirational posts and an emphasis on supporting women and wellness. 


"when you are loving on your new get up from @kiragraceyoga but you are massively sweaty & just can't get the right angle ☺ To all of the womxn who inspire me to rise to any challenge"

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #RisewithKiraGrace Challenge!! The winners can reach out to marketing@kiragrace.com to claim their prize of a $50 coupon code.

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