Spotlight on Glass Ladder & Co.: A Woman-Owned Small Business

Spotlight on Glass Ladder & Co.: A Woman-Owned Small Business

Glass Ladder & CO pushes the omnipresent "glass ceiling" by designing products that empower women to chase their dreams. 

In 2017, after working in marketing and fashion, Megan Tellez (CEO and designer) noticed the lack of stylish, consciously made, professional women's accessories on the market; everything seemed very masculine or outdated. She set out to fill that void by creating pieces that allowed women to be professional, stylish, and empowered all at the same time.

fashion wallet

Featured Product - Megan Portfolio Clutch:

~ "The Megan" receives its name after the empowering girl-boss and founder Megan Tellez.

~ This stylish vegan leather clutch comes in Classic Black.

~ Size large with dimensions: 13"x9".

~ It has multiple storage pockets, pen/cardholders, and three credit card slots.

megan portfolio clutch

The Mission:

~ Glass Ladder & Co. believes strongly in disabling the "glass ceiling" and reinstating it with a "glass ladder", a ladder that uplifts woman's growth and dreams.

~ The ladder represents women supporting women, and when this happens, amazing things take place in the world.

~ The accessories represent influential women by naming the products after Michelle Obama, Princess Diana, and more.

~ Chase after any dream by accessorizing in style and embracing your true self!

glass ladder clutch

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Efforts:

~ Not only are all the products 100% vegan but also cruelty-free.

~ The products are made with high-grade material produced with variations of Micro-Fiber and EPU.

~ All products are PETA approved and Farm Sanctuary "Animal Free."