Spotlight on Scentered: A Woman-Owned Small Business

Spotlight on Scentered: A Woman-Owned Small Business

One of the many pleasures of running a women-owned business is having the platform to uplift other woman-owned companies and share them with our dedicated KiraGrace Community. Our Grace Rewards Program was designed to share the spotlight with many of these incredible brands monthly. We decided to start off with a bang and feature a company we are personally fans of, Scentered. This wellness brand was created with eco-conscious intentions, aiming to join people on their daily journeys by providing natural, portable aromatherapy and essential oil solutions to help mindful transitions between different moods.

Escape Collection

Inspired by the absence of portable aromatherapy products, Lara Morgan recognized this niche need and got to work, aiming to support mindful transitions from office to home, travel, and "me time." At the forefront of her journey was prioritizing eco-conscious efforts when creating her products.


~ Delivering natural, cruelty-free quality essential oils. 

~ These solutions work to help consumers mindfully transition their moods, thoughts, and emotions throughout everyday life. 

~ These leak-proof, mess-free oils are found by scouring the globe to discover the finest ingredients and premium-grade essential oils grown by reputable farmers. 

~ There is a conscious effort to only buy from farmers who are mindful regarding souring to avoid over-farming or depleting natural resources. 

~ Their packaging uses minimal waste to minimize their carbon footprint, often utilizing recycled materials, in addition to stressing the reusable nature of the packaging to upcycle in your home or office.

Scentered Tin Roll On Balms


Roll on these lovely scents knowing they are paraben-free, in addition to not using any SLS, PEGS, glycols, phenoxyethanol, silicones, or synthetic ingredients, colors, or fragrances. 

~ Instead, these oils are blended with moringa which is native to India. 

~ This produces moisture and nutrients like vitamin B and C. 

~ Shea Butter which is derived and harvested from the nut of the African Shea tree is packed with vitamin A, D, E, and F. 

Happy Collection


Scentered's mission is to help you stop, inhale, and reset. 

~ It is crucial to take mindful moments for yourself to pause throughout your day and offer a mental reset. 

~ Scent can act as a mental trigger to transition into your desired state when feeling stress, anxious, tired, or overwhelmed. 

~ When attempting to shift, simply apply the roll-on fragrance to your pulse points such as your wrist, inner elbow, neck, or chest. 

~ Take a deep inhale and visualize where you want to transport to and what emotions you'd like to manifest in the upcoming moments. This can be repeated daily as much as needed!

Love Collection


The tin includes fix irresistible scents; "Happy," "De-stress," "Focus," "Escape," and "Sleep Well." 

~ Use Happy when aiming to express gratitude and harness positive energy. 

~ Use Focus to experience an invigorating blend that will help direct your mind and boost concentration.

~ Use "De-stress" to remain calm and in control as you begin to juggle more tasks throughout your day. 

~ Use "Escape" when it's time to shift from what you "have to do" to "what you want to do" and indulge in a little extra me-time. 

~ End your day with "Sleep well," a nightly ritual that promotes embracing the routine a relaxing sleep provides and helps you wake up rejuvenated. 

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