Thanksgiving Morning Meditation

Thanksgiving Morning Meditation


Thanksgiving MeditationOur inboxes have been flooded the last few weeks with what to wear for Thanksgiving, what to eat for Thanksgiving, and countless picturesque photos of beautiful women, beautifully dressed, at beautiful fairy tale-esque tables.

Well Thanksgiving is finally here, and this is not what my day will look like. Mismatched dishes, babies crying, dogs barking and upending wine glasses, and political arguments breaking out over plates of pumpkin pie from Costco. It's loud, and it's messy. Do I wish it was different? At times I would love to jump into the charming, picture-perfect scenes Pinterest sends into my inbox. But at the end of the day, I'll take the mess. It's beautiful because it's mine. Like a domino effect, changing the tiniest bit about it changes everything else. 

So instead of dwelling on the fact that my plates are chipped, the dog is jumping on grandma, and my handmade centerpieces have become the toddler's favorite new toy, I am going to laugh and practice thankfulness. By incorporating a daily gratitude practice into our lives, blindness is healed to reveal that our cup is not half empty, it is overflowing with richness.

I get pumped when I think of diving into the day with a shield of thankfulness and a sword of kindness, ready to tackle any negativity, unkindness, or lack of love. But time and time again, I find myself lying in bed at the end of the day regretting words I said or didn't say or simply forgetting to be mindful. How do we stay rooted in love and thankfulness and not loose our head? How do we maintain a grateful awareness throughout our day?

Thanksgiving Meditation

I'm not entirely sure. I've failed over and over again, but I know it begins and ends with grace. For both oneself and others. It also helps to slip away for a morning meditation in order to set your heart for the day. Whether you can go to a class first thing in the morning or your house is so packed with people that the only time to yourself is standing in the shower for five minutes, here are some ideas to set your intention for the day with thankfulness.

1. Find a quiet place - the shower, the closet, or pretending to still be asleep in your bed - take ten deep breaths and then list five things you are thankful for either in your mind or write them down. 

2. Take a walk with a close friend or a family member in town, and share what you are grateful for with each other. Expressing your positive and thankful thoughts with others can encourage them to feel grateful in that moment, having the power to transform their day and help them feel more positive too.

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What do you do to practice thankfulness? We'd love for you to share with us your ideas in the comments below! We are so crazy thankful that you are a part of our community. Each and every one of you have such beautiful stories and spirits that deeply inspire us. Wishing each of you a beautiful, mindful, and rich Thanksgiving.

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