The One Thing You Haven't Forgiven...

The One Thing You Haven't Forgiven...

Hi, Perfection.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you ask yourself the following question?

What can I not forgive myself for?

Take a few moments. Allow the answer to come.

Oh. That thing.

I know it may carry some weight. You may not even be sure exactly how to carry it. You may be a little irked that I’ve brought it up.

But let’s get real, you’ve been dragging it around for days, weeks, months, and years.

It’s always there.

Lurking. Waiting for a moment where you need to shame yourself out of goodness.

There’s good news here.

What if I told you that thing you can’t forgive yourself for: that’s your gold.

You might be saying,“Oh. But you don’t know what I’ve done. My thing is unforgivable.”

I may not know what you’ve experienced or been through, but what I do know: it was forgiven the moment it happened.

It’s time for you to let it go.

Remember, our biggest mistakes become sources of compassion and empowerment for others when we know how to yield them.

Have you considered that someone else could be struggling with a similar situation right now? That you have the exact knowledge needed to help guide them through it and away from shame?

Yeah, you. And only you. Because you had that experience. Because you did that thing.

Will you set an intention with me today? To forgive yourself and claim your gold?

To forgive anyone else and place them in a state of grace?

Repeat this with me:

I forgive and release you

I ask that you forgive and release me

I forgive and release myself

All is as it is intended to be for my highest good

And so it is. And so it is.

Thank you for this gift of learning

Thank you for this gift of life

With profound appreciation,