Three Lessons from the Ground of Motherhood

Three Lessons from the Ground of Motherhood

My personal and professional experience is that becoming a mama raised the stakes in a way that unleashed a kind of efficiency, creativity, and radical “take no bullsh*t” that nothing in my life had. So I rocked with it. Six months after my son was born I opened my first yoga and meditation studio in Atlanta Georgia. I've also lead five sold out yoga retreats as well as one full 200 hour yoga teacher training since his birth three years ago.

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Before him, many of the things noted above lived in the realm of my imagination. I deeply believed that each dream could only be some far future reality. I needed to be some other brand of "perfect" to begin. Not simply myself.

I didn't trust my body or life to bring forth another life because becoming a mama was years in the making for me. It included loss, surgery, and disappointments that I thought I wouldn't recover from.

Motherhood has blown up many of my self limiting beliefs.

My son's conception and arrival shattered a belief I'd hidden and carried for at least a decade. With his arrival I began to question "what else am I believing that is simply not true. What other ways am I limiting myself or living from a script that is no longer mine."

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Motherhood expanded my world, not shrank it. It changed how I moved. And Yes, sometimes I want to sleep in, not have a purse full of snacks, or skip the tantrum in the middle of target. The gifts of this journey have been much greater than those small human things.

My son is three and each year, his presence in my life has taught me a new lesson:

1. Motherhood revealed inner, familial, and other resources that I wasn’t aware of. I’m much better at gathering support and asking for what I need when I need it. I used to want to control everything, do everything personally and professionally. For me, mothering requires a team, a village. My approach to life and business is now greatly informed by my experience of building a trusted team and allowing other hands to hold him, me, us.

2. My vision continues to become clarified. I am no longer as afraid to name what I truly want for my life. Because of that I make moves and ask for guidance that honor and support my true direction and honest vision for my life and business.

3. My boundary game continues to level up. Ways I used to leak energy or allow it to be drained have been plugged up by the beautiful and challenging fullness of #momlife because I literally "ain’t got the time" for the dramas, contorting to fit in, saying yes when I mean no in the way that I used to have time for.

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This current season my son and motherhood are reteaching me the power in my softness, in feeling, in loving completely and deeply.

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