Top 6 Long Yoga Tops For Your Practice

Top 6 Long Yoga Tops For Your Practice

When looking for a yoga top, what kind of coverage do you usually think about? We’re willing to bet it’s about the bust — how it holds in the girls, whether or not there’s a sturdy shelf bra, and whether it’s slimming and fitted, or loosey-goosey. Let’s talk about the length, though — because sometimes, we need a little downstairs cleavage coverage. No one wants to drop into a Malasana squat and accidentally play a game of peek-a-booty. That’s where KiraGrace long-length yoga tops come in handy! They help you say no to crack — especially because they’re made with smoothing, 4-way-stretch fabric that stays in place. Read on for our favorites . . .

1. The Grace Yoga Halter

Grace Yoga Halter Black

The Grace Yoga Halter’s extra-long length is only one of the top’s unique attributes. Yeah, it’ll stay in place, but it also has flattering and comfortable compression, thick straps and no built-in bra — so you can control the support and wear any bra you want.

2. Goddess Corset Cami

Goddess Corset Cami

The Goddess Corset Cami serves up strappy corset detailing with a low-high design — which means it’s a little longer in the front than in the back. That said, it’s still long, and there’s still coverage.

3. Warrior Caged Tank

Warrior Caged Tank

The Warrior Caged Tank has an extra-roomy shelf bra, with innovative strappy support. Called a Venus Fit, it’s perfect for bigger busts, but we also feel the need to point out that the long-length yoga top’s 4-way stretch will keep it securely in place.

4. The Goddess Yoga Tank

Goddess Yoga Tank

The Goddess Yoga Tank is our most versatile long yoga tank. Extra long length to stay put in practice with a touch of ruching on the side for a feminine flare, this long yoga tank will give you the support and coverage you need.

5. Goddess Luxe One Shoulder

Goddess One Shoulder

Not only does the long-length Goddess Luxe One Shoulder provide coverage, it’s also so incredibly striking — with its one-sleeved ruching and soft, luxurious fabric — that should a wardrobe malfunction occur, it would go unnoticed.

6. Grace Yoga Tank

Grace Yoga Tank

The sweet, simple Grace Yoga Tank serves up long-length yoga top goodness alongside some gorgeous design detail like a double-layer shelf bra and comfortable compression. This long yoga top will stay put from the first downward dog to the last savasana — and beyond.


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