Ways to find grace in an overstressed world

Ways to find grace in an overstressed world

Posted by Shelby Comito On 30th Sep 2016 In calm, calming, grace, positivity, stress relief

4 Ways to Find Grace in an Overworked, Overstressed World
By KiraGrace Warrior Ambassador Tiffani Shipman

4 Ways to Find Grace: Tiffani ShipmanI am the mother of three boys. Three gorgeous, fun and intelligent, yet also rowdy, dirty and at times exhausting boys. I also work three different jobs in addition to being a mother, and I’ll be honest, there are days that I flat need as much help as I can get to recharge.

Even being a yoga instructor, I myself have to be reminded to take a break and recharge to be at my best. No matter if we have children or not, we as women are definitely guilty of overworking ourselves, taking on too much, and not showing ourselves enough self care.

Here are some of my favorite ways to energize, re-center and find a little grace for myself.

1. Yoga.

Whether it’s alone in my living room moving through a few sun salutations or getting on my mat in an actual class, moving with my breath always centers me. Some of my favorite poses to help myself de-stress and recharge are child’s pose, downward facing dog, and camel pose. In particular, camel pose helps me clear my mind when I need a break. Try moving in between these three poses, pausing in each for five to ten breaths.

2. Meditation.

Over the past couple of years meditation has become my staple for slowing things down and simplifying things. Even if you have never meditated before, finding a quiet spot to sit and focus on the breath is a wonderful way to energize the mind. It costs nothing, and no prior experience is required! Try finding a calm spot to sit or lay comfortably and focus on the breath. Breathe deeply and slowly try to make the inhale match the exhale in duration and then try counting the breaths up to ten, and then start over. No worries if you lose count or your thoughts start to wander. Just take a breath and start again. Even five minutes of meditation will help the mind and body relax and recharge.

4 Ways to Find Grace: Tiffani Shipman3. Essential oils.

I love to use essential oils in my yoga practice and in meditation, and the uses for essential oils are limitless. Oils like lavender and Roman chamomile are my favorites for calming, and bergamot and wild orange are my go-to’s for energizing! Try putting a couple of drops into the palm of the hands, rubbing them together and cup over the face as you inhale the scent deeply a few times.

4. Do something to feel pretty!

Sometimes we are so busy, we need to stop and take a minute to feel good about ourselves. Doing something to feel pretty helps me do just that! Take some luxurious extra time to blow dry your hair straight or splurge and buy a new tube of lip gloss. Get in the tub with some fancy bubble bath, treat yourself to a massage or even put on something that makes you feel pretty and feminine. The Grace Yoga Halter is one of my favorite go-to tops because it always make me feel pretty. I love that I can throw it on and look effortless whether I’m going to teach a yoga class, or I'm pairing it with some skinny jeans to have dinner with my husband. The important thing is to find what makes you feel good and take a moment to allow yourself a little slice of luxury.

No matter how busy our lives get with work, responsibilities, and all the hats we wear, it is important for us women to try to put ourselves first sometimes and find a moment to give ourselves a little grace.

4 Ways to Find Grace: Tiffani Shipman

Tiffani is a Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist and Sports Medicine Therapist (L.Ac., RYT 200, Yoga Medicine) based in Edmond, Oklahoma. Her greatest joy in life is to spend time with family which includes three rambunctious boys. Her passion is bringing the gift of yoga and alternative medicine to those in need.

She attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated with degrees in both Psychology and Sociology. She was heavily influenced by her love of dance and studied ballet from a young age through college. After experiencing firsthand the health benefits of yoga and acupuncture shortly after she became a mother, she decided to pursue a career in helping people through alternative medicine. She has always been highly passionate about sports, and has continued training in yoga and acupuncture. Injury prevention and recovery are her focus, and she works regularly with athletes and athletic teams of all sports. She also teaches vinyasa classes at her home studio in Oklahoma, she is a co-founder of Yoga in the Park, Edmond, and has focused on helping to bring free yoga into her community.

When she is not helping patients or teaching yoga, you’ll find her watching football, playing practical jokes, restoring old cars, baking cupcakes, or spending time with her treasured family and friends. You can find her yoga teaching schedule, as well as book appointments with her at www.indivarahouse.com

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