What is the Difference Between Yoga Pants & Leggings?

What is the Difference Between Yoga Pants & Leggings?

Posted by Shelby Comito On 4th Dec 2017

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With the rampant rise of the activewear and athleisure trend, an entirely new vocabulary has been introduced to our everyday lingo:

- “I just feel like wearing yoga pants to work today… I want to be


- “That top will go perfectly with boots and leggings!”

- “Yes I can wear yoga leggings to school, they’re pants, dad.”

Yoga pants and yoga leggings have taken center stage in pop culture’s current fashion obsession. As you can imagine, we hardly talk of anything else here at the KiraGrace office. What isn’t quite so clear are the specific category types and definitions. With so many styles of yoga pants and with many emerging companies in the yoga apparel and clothing industry, the line between yoga pants and leggings is blurry. If you take a moment to observe the product names on a yoga company’s website, you’ll find everything from yoga pants, yoga bottoms, yoga leggings to yoga tights. When we’re working with customers, we often get asked about our yoga leggings and pants offerings and many people get confused about the difference. So, what is the difference between yoga pants and leggings? And is there one?

Yoga Pants vs. Yoga Leggings

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are traditionally a thicker, looser fit than other yoga bottoms and can function as workout pants for a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities. When yoga pants first became popular, companies like Victoria Secret became well known for their flare yoga pants which could be worn for working out, but are often worn for the casual day in, day out of life - around the house, running errands, dressed up or dressed down, etc. Yoga pants serve more like a trendy version of sweat pants or loungewear rather than workout apparel.

Our yoga pants allow you freedom of flexibility, full coverage, body-slimming compression, and performance enhancing features like moisture-wicking properties, anti-chafing fit, and UPF protection. Check out our favorite yoga pants here:  Grace Flare Yoga PantSlouchy Pant

Yoga Pants

Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings tend to be tighter and thinner than other types of workout pants and bottoms. They are most often worn under longer shirts, tunics, or dresses. The beauty of our yoga leggings is that they are thick enough to wear without a long length yoga top or shirt, but breathable enough to wick away sweat and keep you cool while you practice yoga, pilates, or your sport of choice.

Ultra High Waisted Yoga Legging

Yoga Tights

Although yoga leggings and yoga tights are often used as interchangeable labels, which is the practice of most yoga clothing companies, we tend to think of leggings as the main umbrella term and  yoga tights as a sub-set of leggings. Both leggings and tights are skin-fit, but sometimes we will use yoga tight to describe a longer, lighter weight legging. However, you will find yoga leggings more and more commonly used, as tights tends to be confused with very thin materials to be worn under skirts and dresses whereas leggings can be worn as is.

Yoga Leggings and Yoga Tights

When Kira, founder and CEO of KiraGrace, started labeling her line of yoga bottoms, she found that yoga tights and leggings better described the tight-fitting, compressive yoga bottoms she had to offer. The term yoga pants tends to be reserved for our more loose-fitting silhouettes. However, we do recognize that the global meaning is not black and white, and people more and more often use the terms interchangeably, so we do tag all of our yoga tights, capris, and leggings under yoga pants and bottoms.


We do offer a variety of different fabric weights among our yoga leggings so you can choose the coverage that works best for you.

  • PowerHold: a heavyweight, luxurious supplex/spandex, this fabric offers you the most coverage, compression, and support.
  • PowerLuxe: a midweight, poly/spandex blend, this fabric has a brushed interior that lends a creamy soft touch to the skin
  • PowerLite: a lightweight, poly/spandex, our PowerLight leggings offer supreme moisture-wicking qualities and work especially well for super sweaty workouts or hot yoga classes

From sophisticated printed leggings to high waisted and more, you can find a variety of options from KiraGrace. Designed to fuse fashion with function and make everyone woman feel her most beautiful and confident self, check out our full collection of yoga pants, leggings, and tights here.

How do you define yoga pants vs leggings? Give us your thoughts below!