Where is your power?

Where is your power?

Posted by KiraGrace Warrior Octavia Raheem On 28th Jul 2017 In fierce women, kira grace, octavia raheem, reflection, strong women, warrior

Say it with me sisters:

Where is Your Power

"I call all of my power back to me." D. Laporte

I claim myself. All of her. I own myself. All of me. I love this body. All of it. This is my life to live on my terms. That triumph. That's mine. Those mistakes. Mine to. That Magic. Yeah, that's me. This mess, me to. See, I'm whole. The full range. Complete.

That job used to have me convinced otherwise.
That half a$$ relationship did to. I believed in their fragmented vision of my own wholeness.

nawl tho. no more.

Nothing completes me, but me.

Some places and people got to get left. straight walked out on. 

and when you leave. pull up all your energy. your power. your life force and carry that out of those places and people that tried to steal it. don't study their emptiness no more.

Take your best with you. It's for you. 

Won't be no bags to pack either, cause all you need- you already carry in your hips, your heart, your mind, your belly. your lips, your eyes, your spine.
It's all yours.

go head and take it back.

Inspired by Starshine and Clay and the real conversations+ fierce women I met at our last practice (pictured above). Photo by LeeAnn Chisolm Morrissette


Octavia Raheem 200hr, E-RYT began practicing yoga in 2003, completed her initial 200-hour certification at Peachtree Yoga Center in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been teaching since 2007. To date, Octavia has taught over 7,500 hours of yoga in studio, corporate, and private settings. She has headlined Wanderlust Yoga Festival 108 Atlanta. Additionally she is the creator of growing yoga brand CHILLshop®yoga, retreats, and immersions.

Octavia can guide you to your hard edge: “hold that plank!”

Your soft edge-“ rest and melt in to that child’s pose.”

Ultimately to your center and hold space for you to rest and settle there.

She believes both strong aligned movement and unhurried stillness are essential in our yoga practice in order to cultivate more harmony and balance in our lives.

Off the mat Octavia is a new mama, life partner, writer, educator, and founding board member of Atlanta Based Nonprofit, Red Clay Yoga. Additionally she volunteers at Yoga, Literature, Art Camp for Teenage Girls at Spelman College Museum of Fine Arts.

These wise words from activist/warrior/poet Audre Lorde guide her: “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

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