Nadine Miner

KiraGrace Warrior

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nadine is an dental professional turned yogi leading classes worldwide. She found the practice in 2011 to help manage stress and anxiety from her high pressure job. In 2015, she received her RYT-200 from Blackswan Yoga in Austin, TX. Nadine's deep passion for the practice gave birth to a movement she shares in her classes, workshops and retreats around the world; Live in Love Yoga.

At the core of this journey for Nadine has been Love. Yoga has shown her the power of tapping into self love and its ability to transform life. It has become a way of living for her, her mantra, her intent; to aspire always to Live in Love, and to move away from living in fear. Classes both online and in person, retreats, and workshops are meant to reignite passion for community and connection, and to inspire courage to choose love over fear.

Nadine devotes her time in Omaha, Nebraska, to creating yoga communities for male parole populations. She works closely with Programming for Life 101 and organizations like Rise.org to help bring yoga to the people.

To stay in touch with Nadine or attend any of her traveling workshops, classes or retreats, follow her on Instagram @mannuellaminer or stay connected through Liveinloveyoga.com and Liveinloveyogaretreats.com.