Resources to Nurture your Spirituality

Resources to Nurture your Spirituality

Posted by Kirra Bixby On 12th Jun 2020

Nurturing your spirituality in difficult times is just as important as taking care of your physical body. Here are some amazing resources to help you remember your divine connection:

~ Reclaim your breath with this 10-minute meditation from Tracee Stanley

~ Read an article from the Chopra Center to learn about your 7 chakras and how to keep them in balance

~ Explore A Peak Pose Sequence from Christina Sell on Vishvamitrasana, which explores the universe that exists inside and outside of us

~ Listen to a podcast from Koya Webb on Mastering Mindfulness and Cultivating Inner Peace with Krishna Kaur

~ Watch this Ted Talk on Consciousness, the Final Frontier by Dada Gunamuktanada

Stay tuned to our Rising Together series for more inspirational resources!