She is Wonder. She is Strength. She is grace.

She is Wonder. She is Strength. She is grace.

Posted by Shelby Comito On 6th May 2016 In family, inspiration, kiragrace, love, mother's love, strength


Mother's Day

Photo by Robert Sturman featuring KiraGrace founder & CEO Kira Karmazin with her mother and daughter. 

There is my mother at the kitchen table. Hair peppered with streaks of white and silver and thrown up on top of her hair like a bird's nest. Her eyes peer over a spread of papers on the table, and I can see the little girl that still lives in her, the corner of her lip tucked between her teeth in a gesture of deep concentration. If she knew that I was so taken aback by her beauty in this moment, she would scoff and say she is older than ever. But she doesn't know that she will never age for me. As I look at the woman who bore me, raised me into the woman I am today, I see sheer majesty, the complex beauty of the ocean wrapped up inside her small frame. She is wonder, she is strength, she is grace. She is the only woman who makes me belly laugh uncontrollably, tears running down my face. She is the only woman who's mere voice on the phone can mend my pain. She is the only one who has loved me before she even knew me. 

With what do we measure our love? Is it an accumulation of the number of miles traveled by car, plane, boat and train to see one another? A formula of the average number of phone calls, texts, and letters added up over the years? Or is it the depth of the imprint they have left on our hearts? 

Today we recognize the women who have the hardest and most important jobs in the world: mothers. We praise and thank not only our biological mothers but the women who have been spiritual mothers to us as well. We would love for you to tell us a short story or memory about your mother. There is something so powerful about sharing stories with one another. Please send your stories to! We would be so honored to hear about her and the imprint she has left on your life. 

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