Toasting the New Year

Toasting the New Year

Welcoming 2014 with Love

KiraGrace BlogWe greet each new year in the same way - with a kiss. Whether 2013 was a spectacular year or a tough year for you, it now exists only in memory. The sun has risen on a beautiful new dawn. For some, the white blank page of a new chapter is thrilling and hopeful. For others, change frightens the heart, and it is a challenge to let the past go. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum this year or the next, we seal our celebrations with a kiss. A timeless sign of love.

This tradition is not only sweet, but powerful. Even the smallest peck on the cheek speaks loudly in the face of a new 

As 2014 rolls in, set your heart and mind on this truth. Let it take root in your heart and allow it space to grow tall and mighty. Whether you practice the tradition of a making a New Year's resolution or not, we encourage you to reflect on the corners of your life where fears lives and to allow love's light to warm those spots in a way that is personally meaningful to you. 

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Maybe reconnect with an old friend, start incorporating a weekly or monthly family night, or write a letter of affirmation to someone who challenges your patience. Be bold and creative. Don't be surprised when you trip and fall. It won't come easily. But to resolve doesn't mean to be perfect, but to fight with determination and perseverance for something you believe in.number on the calendar. It is actively choosing to believe that love conquers fear - our inspiration team member Desiree Rumbaugh's most beloved motto! Standing in the midst of the unknown, we choose, whether consciously or unconsciously, to remember that love always conquers fear.

We'd love for you to share your own resolutions and hopes for the New Year with us! Feel free to post your comments below. We wish you a very happy and healthy 2014 to each of you fearless warriors - may it be the best year yet!

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