5 Tips To Stick With Your New Year's Resolution

5 Tips To Stick With Your New Year's Resolution


KiraGrace BlogNew Year's resolutions carry a bad rap. They are so often broken or forgotten, most people don't even bother making them anymore. But no matter how young or old you are or what month it is, it always important to encourage and challenge yourself to grow more fully and deeply into your best self! We're a little over a week into the new year, and we're wondering if you made a resolution this year and how is it holding up? And if you didn't, it's not too late - it's never too late to strive toward a new dream or goal! Here are our tips on making resolutions:

1. More is more!

So many resolutions focus on going without and doing something less. Some of the most popular resolutions include: losing weight, eating less sugar, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, and spending less money. These are great goals, but instead of emphasizing abstinence, what if you turned it around and focused on filling your life with MORE? Drink more water, exercise more, eat more veggies, smile and hug your family more often! Simply changing the focus from less to more can make your resolution feel more positive, encouraging, and appealing!

2. Be specific

The vaguer your resolution is, the harder it will be to accomplish. Define your goals; make them tangible! Instead of achieving to simply make more time for exercise, determine how much per week: attend a yoga class 3 times a week, 5 times, every day? Specificity makes your resolution more doable and rewarding.

3. Make them visible

Write your goals down and post them in a visible place where you can see them everyday. This will keep you focused and motivated, especially with the forgetfulness and lackluster that comes after a month or two in! Share your goals with your family and friends, so they can encourage you and hold you accountable as well!

4. Reward yourself

All of us are wired to be reward-oriented - we are more inspired to work towards treats! For every milestone you reach on your way toward your big goal, plan something fun. Treat yourself to a massage, dinner at your favorite restaurant, or a new outfit!

5. Be gracious

Don't expect perfection or you will be sorely disappointed. We all have bad days and mess up! The key is to be gracious and gentle with yourself and to learn from your mistakes. Don't give up after one hiccup! Continue in willingness and perseverance, and dwell on the positives rather than the negatives.

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