6 Essential Tips for Lasting Beauty

6 Essential Tips for Lasting Beauty

Posted by Global Ambassador Desiree Rumbaugh On Aug 11 2017 In beauty, desiree rumbaugh, health, midlife, self care

6 Essential Beauty Tips

I believe that true beauty comes from the inside and shines outward. I'd love to share with you the regimen I maintain on a daily basis in order to cultivate my internal and external health and beauty:


I begin each day by drinking at least 32 oz. of room temperature water. Reverse Osmosis or spring water, not tap water. I do this instead of drinking coffee. Coffee is delicious occasionally, but in the morning my body needs a lot of water. Also, water is easier to find when I am on the road. While it may not be easy to always find good coffee, I can count on finding clean water. That makes it my habit of choice. I drink Roasted Dandelion Root Tea almost every morning as it has a wonderful detox effect. I do not need any caffeine to wake up but I will occasionally enjoy green tea. If I am at home, I will drink an additional 32 to 64 oz. of water per day. When I am traveling or teaching all day I cannot do this, so I make up for it on days when I am home.

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I splash my face with cold water first thing in the morning, at least seven times. Then I apply a mixture of essential oils that I make myself and keep in a 2 oz. bottle with a dropper. I mix my own concoction of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, and Rosehip, Lavender, Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate, and Frankincense oils. Recently I have been amazed at how Helichrysum oil has cured a broken blood vessel (called a venous lake) on my lower lip. I was thinking of having a laser treatment but I read about this oil treatment and it’s really working! I have been thrilled with the result of using oil on my face twice a day. I often use just plain coconut or jojoba oil at night because the other mixture is strong and has a yellow tinge and I don’t want to stain the pillowcases or scare away my husband with the strong scent.


I eat a plant-based diet. First thing in the morning, after some water, I take chlorella, fish oil, vitamin B complex, berberine and a mushroom based supplement to keep my immune system strong. Most mornings at around 10am, after a bit of exercise, I have a green smoothie made of lemon, lime and grapefruit, chard, celery, parsley, cucumber, almond milk, blueberries and strawberries, a little maca and some spirulina.

6 Essential Beauty Tips

For lunch I almost always have a large salad with a variety of raw vegetables, pumpkin seeds and occasionally a little protein such as wild salmon or organic eggs. Dinners are usually cooked quinoa or sweet potatoes and stir fried vegetables in olive, coconut or avocado oil. I tend to eat my animal protein at lunches rather than in the evening most days. I would call myself a Paleo-Vegan-- meaning I can lean in either of those directions because they are both plant-based diets. I know many people think of Paleo as animal protein based, but it is not the case. I make my own gluten free cookies with almond butter, coconut and sunflower seeds as the base, sweetened with maple syrup and 85% dark chocolate.

I avoid all processed meat, gluten, dairy, soy and sugar. This, I believe, is a Key Beauty Secret. I do occasionally enjoy one glass of wine or a small amount of beer, but that for me is a treat and not a daily habit. I have never and will never smoke anything.


I keep my face out of the sun. I use sunscreen on my face, and not on my body unless I am going to be out on a boat or at the beach all day and I also wear a hat to protect my face. I am blessed with olive skin so my body can take the sun. I wish I had been religious about keeping my face out of the sun when I was younger. I am paying for that now with sun spots etc. And I am accepting them and wearing a hat.


One of my students has produced a facial exercise kit and I do some of the exercises regularly. We practice yoga and workout to keep our muscles strong, so why not work our facial muscles as well? https://www.yogafromtheneckup.com/

6 Essential Beauty Tips


I practice yoga and do strength and aerobic training regularly. I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night and I am basically a very happy and grateful person. I think attitude has a lot to do with beauty, inside and out.

It may sound like I'm a person who has a lot of discipline and lives “by the book.” But it’s not drudgery to follow these routines. It is delightful and it all comes from a place of love. I worked my way through self-hatred, dieting and eating too much sugar etc. when I was younger. It has been a beautiful mindful evolution and it’s one that each person has to discover for themselves. Discipline to me is self-love. The food I eat is a privilege and I never feel deprived. My evolution in this direction over the years has brought me to a place where I don’t want to eat things that are not good for me. So it’s very easy to follow all of this.

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