7 Day Journal Challenge

7 Day Journal Challenge

Posted by Jordyn David On May 29 2020 In journal, journaling, kiragrace, self-care, yoga challenge

Starting a daily journal can seem like a daunting task, but the many benefits of this simple practice will outweigh that initial doubt. Studies have shown that journaling can increase creativity, memory retention, self-confidence and mindfulness. It's also been proven to help with stress, as writing your feelings out on the page can help your problems become easier to identify. In case you're not sure where to start, here are 7 days of journal prompts to easily turn your daily reflection into a long-lasting healthy habit.

7 Day Journal Challenge


What do you desire?

Make a list of up to five per category. Be specific.

  • Material desires. For example: a new car, move to a certain location, places of travel,...
  • Emotional desires. For example: to feel more love, joy, motivation,...
  • Relationship desires. For example: a new partner, a healthy & happy relationship with my current partner, to forgive someone who has hurt you,...
  • Health desires. For example: to have a daily movement practice, to meditate for 10 minutes a day,...
  • Career desires. For example: a career change, write a book, create a new program,...
  • World desires. For example: heal mother earth, that abused children find love and joy, that the impoverished find a way out of their struggle, for endangered and harmed animals to be rescued,...
  • Soul desires. For example: to awaken to your true nature, to transform, to heal your deepest wounds, to feel freedom and bliss,...

Now, go back and look at your list. Ask yourself, “Which of these feel closest to my heart?”

Circle the ones that pop out automatically.

Take a moment to envision your life with all of these desires. Say out loud, "I trust that all I desire is coming to me."

7 Day Journal Challenge


If I could play any character in a fantasy movie, I would be…

Today it’s time to tap into your inner child. The one who imagines new worlds and basks in those dreamy lands.

You can choose a character that already exists or make up a new one. Think of the first one that comes to mind and start writing all about them.

A few prompts….

  • What’s your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you live in?
  • What surrounds your home?
  • What do you wear?
  • What do you do all day?
  • Do you have any superpowers?
  • What do people come to you for?
  • Do you have any friends or acquaintances?
  • What do they do?

Be as detailed and as dreamy as you’d like. Remember, this is for your eyes only. Write as long as you’d like, and don’t think too hard about it. Just let it flow.

You are a beautiful creator!

7 Day Journal Challenge


I communicate to the world through my….. 

How do you feel while you are doing this? And how do you feel after?

Today we focus on the element: air.

Communication is an expression of air moving through you.

When we communicate, we are expressing our energy. It is important that we always communicate our truth. To express from a place that's purely us. So that we boldly step into our talents and enhance the world.

  • What brings you into a state of flow? 
  • In what activity do you feel like you are able to completely be yourself? Is it dancing, painting, writing, cooking, singing, videoing, speaking,.... (the list goes on).

Imagine yourself in this act. Write about your experience.

Tap into your body and how it feels.

Tap into your emotions.

Now. Write about how you feel after that experience.

  • Is it a sense of accomplishment? 
  • Relief? 
  • Is your heart opened? 
  • Do you feel a profound sense of freedom?

These forms of expression usually bring great release and new energy into our being. Write for as long as you wish. Be colorful.

7 Day Journal Challenge


I feel the most grounded when I practice... Imagine yourself in the most beautiful, serene place on earth. What is it like to practice here?

Today we focus on the element: earth.

Reflect on one practice in your life that helps you feel grounded and safe.

Maybe it’s a yoga practice, meditation, reading, writing, listening to music,... What makes you feel centered?

Imagine a beautiful space. Perhaps it is on a mountaintop in beautiful Ecuador, surrounded by tall, luscious trees; a soft handwoven colorful blanket; and a fire burning beside you. Or perhaps you are by the ocean in Maui, with the sun shining bright on a 70-degree day - volcanoes, mountains, and luscious vegetation behind you. Whatever you see, describe it.

Envision yourself practicing there.

  • What is it like?
  • What are the smells and sights?
  • What does the air feel like?

Reflect on why you have chose that experience in that particular place.

Why do you think that is? What elements of the earth call you?

You can use this as insight into creating a sacred space at home for your grounding practice.

7 Day Journal Challenge


How have you handled difficult situations in the past? 

vs. How would you handle them today? What about for celebrations?

We are stepping into the water element today. The ruler of emotions.

Take your time and write about both.

Learning how we navigate both good and bad times brings a sense of self awareness.

Make it as short or as long as you’d like. It can be in a list or paragraph form.

You can write about a specific situation or a general pattern you recognize.

Notice if you have gotten better about dealing with certain triggers, and see which ones still push your buttons.

For celebrations and happy times, what do you tend to do?

  • Do you talk a lot or get really excited?
  • Do you allow yourself to be totally happy and expressive about it?
  • How would you act now if you received great news today?

Your capacity to hold space for and accept your emotions is infinite.

You are a complex being that feels and expresses on a large spectrum in your own flavor.

And that is beautiful.

7 Day Journal Challenge


Have you ever felt like there was a passion burning so strongly in the pit of your stomach? Describe it.

Today we are focus on the element: fire.

Allow the fire to move through your voice as you write.

Perhaps it is a new career, a training you want to attend, a book you want to write, a relationship you want to have....

Whatever it is, express this passion with your words and don’t lift your pen from the paper until you have nothing left to say.

Just let it flow, don’t think. Just write.

Knowing what burns inside of us can help point us in the direction of where to focus our efforts.

If it is a better relationship, then we focus on cultivating new habits of self-love.

If it is a new career, then we chose one thing we can do every day to bring us closer to the switch.

If it’s a new training or skill we want to learn, we can start by saving $50 or more each week.

We use the fire to take action.

As we act, it stops burning us in the wrong way and starts burning us in all the right ways.

Towards progress, towards change and new beginnings.

And it’s deeply, incredibly exciting.

7 Day Journal Challenge


Create your own personal mantra.

Write your name in your journal.

Now write the first word that pops into your head associated with each letter.

Let it come easy and write down whatever comes up and move on to the next letter.

Now take a look at your words.

Beginning with “I AM….,” create your mantra by adding in filler words to make a sentence.

For example: Claire - I AM careful, loving, and abundant with infinitely radiant energy.

After, try looking up the definitions to the words that automatically came up for you. It may give you a beautiful explanation of your best qualities. Have fun!

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