Be Her Now: Powerful Words from Octavia Raheem

Be Her Now: Powerful Words from Octavia Raheem

Be Her Now: Powerful Words From Octavia Raheem

"Be here now.... Be HER now." - Lux Atl

Long before I co-owned Sacred Chill West, I owned my work. I operated with the level of discipline, focus, commitment, care, and consistency that I believed owning a brick and mortar space would require.
I was off by a lot (owning a physical space asks for more than I could have imagined) yet the inner muscles I stretched and strengthened then, expanded my capacity to both “hold down” and elevate my work- now.

I honor the wise part of me that knew that the kind of freedom I wanted required discipline.

I treated myself like the woman I hoped to be and I grew into her.
I treat myself like the woman I am becoming. I grow into her.

Being her now is
So much inner work.
Radical truth telling.
Re-shaping my most intimate relationships.
Defining my place vs. playing the role I was given.
It’s not letting myself off the hook when it’s hard.
It’s laying down in soft places and praying deeper than I ever have.
It’s standing and walking through the fire until I see the blessing (tapas).
It’s ugly crying to release the heat and cleanse.
It’s bearing the gifts that my Ancestors gave without shame or apology.
It’s trusting that what I’ve seen in my heart and mind’s eye is mine.
It’s the smallest of steps and decisions I make every day- to be her now.

Sister, Trust her enough to do your work, now. Honor her by tending to the details and process in the choices you make each day, right now. Let the distractions go.

No one else has read your book. She has. Every day that you ink, you become the master of her story.
No one has healed in your wellness space, yet. Every day that you save, plan, and study, she does.
No one has walked the gardens you tend to. With every seed that you dig and plant- your bare feet become more deeply rooted on her true path.
No one has held the baby you long to carry. Mama, she has. with every layer of womb wound you peel back. She holds baby.
No one has heard the songs you write except for her. With each note and lyric you lay down, there’s another track to carry her forward.

Every step and stumble, you become more of her.
More of your whole self.


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