Setting a Yoga Intention

Setting a Yoga Intention

Why do we set yoga intentions? Well, when we’re on the mat, it’s a chance to pause. No phone to scroll. No news to catch up with. No internet shouting factory.

There is nowhere else to be, but exactly where you are: on the mat.

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Also? It’s time to be in our body.

But before we start, there’s time to ground ourselves, to center and do a quick gut-check — ideally, while you’re hanging out on the mat, waiting for the class to begin.

What is gnawing at you? What feels…off? Why do you want what you want? How can you reconnect with what is true and authentic to you?

Yoga intentions lead us back to ourselves — to the values that drive us from a soul level. Consistently reconnecting with our values through setting intention allows us to stay on track for an authentic life, and taking us out of the ego and back to the why.

Setting a ypga intention is also kind of like planting a seed — amplifying and setting into motion that which you desire, and leaving behind that which no longer serves you. Instead of letting life happen to you, you’re being intentional … and that’s a pretty powerful mindset shift. Especially when connecting mind with body through yoga.

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Here’s a few yoga intentions we love:

“I am abundant.”

Are you coming to yoga from a place of lack? The abundance intention reminds us that we already have everything we need. Your body is moving, your lungs are filled with breath, and you’re releasing what you don’t need through sweat.

“I am grounded.”

When we’re feeling scattered, yoga is a perfect way to ground into the earth, especially in tadasana: connecting with two feet flat on the ground, reaching for the sky. The to-do list can wait; when we’re feeling like a hot mess is when we need yoga the most.

“I can receive.”

The antidote to feeling alone on this path is simply opening your heart to receive help, guidance and nurturing — from source, the universe, from friends. Heart-opening poses pair perfectly with this yoga intention.

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