The KiraGrace Gear You Need for HIIT Workouts

The KiraGrace Gear You Need for HIIT Workouts

Oh, HIIT workouts. We love them, because they get results, and they get results fast. There’s also a teeny, tiny part of us that doesn’t 100% love HIIT, because it’s just so … intense. Hence the actual name: High Intensity Interval Training. But let’s be real. HIIT involves cranking your body to eleven for super-short bursts of any kind of exercise. Then, you recover. So for a total of thirty minutes, you get your heart seriously pumping in between 30 seconds of rest.

In other words, HIIT is high-key doable.

Especially when you’re wearing something supportive, wicking and totally cute.

And that, ladies, is where we come in. Here are our top KiraGrace go-tos for HIIT workout clothes — so go check ’em out, and then go get sweaty!

1. Hands down: the Ultra High Waist Pocket Capri in Blue Camo.

HIIT Workout Gear: Ultra High Waist Pocket Yoga Capri in blue camo

It’s tough to explain exactly why this is our top choice in the HIIT apparel category. Maybe it’s the super-supportive, four-way stretch fabric with sweat-wicking properties — so you can crush those burpees and stay (relatively) dry. Maybe it’s the anti-itch, anti-chafe flat-locked seams. But here’s what really makes this one extra: its namesake quality — an ultra-high waist that nips and contours. Consider it the little black dress (or little blue camo dress) of workout capris.

2. Fashion, meet function: the Warrior Y-Back Crop Top in Ruby

 Warrior Y-Back Crop Top (Ruby)

This crop’s a sneaky lil lady. You might think it’s all about showing off that sculpted back — and you wouldn’t be wrong. But this top is also super cardio-friendly, packing a huge punch with a double-layer shelf bra and thick, supportive material. So go on ahead and rock those jumping jacks — we’ve got you covered.

3. The Laser-Cut Dot Yoga Legging, because ventilation

HIIT Workout Gear: Dot Laser-Cut Yoga Legging

Not to brag, but this one’s kind of genius. First of all, it’s a straight-up warrior legging with super-compressive — but still lightweight — fabric, with four-way stretch and moisture-wicking superpowers. And then, there’s the laser cut outs: an iconic and beautiful pattern of reinforced dot laser cutting from mid-thigh to ankle and wrapped around the calf. So you get a serious-yet-beautiful look. Your skin gets a breath of fresh air. Everyone wins.

4. Like your BFF, The Grace Yoga Crop Top will absolutely support you

HIIT Workout Gear: Black Onyx Yoga Crop Top

Double straps. Double layer shelf bra. Double-layer four-way-stretch Black Onyx fabric. Oh, and it’s also moisture-wicking and has built-in bra pockets. In other words? You're getting allll the support.


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