The Sweetness of Internal and 3 Ways to Access It

The Sweetness of Internal and 3 Ways to Access It


The Sweetness of Internal and 3 Ways to Access It
by KiraGrace Warrior Meredith Cameron

The Sweetness of InternalI feel like our world is so overstimulated these days. When I stop to observe, it seems to be weighted heavily with external overstimulation. Are you with me? The social media. The yoga poses. The make-up or the car we drive. How often do we pause to actually breathe with full intention and notice how we feel?

It's something I do my best to live and breathe every day. It's something I infuse and inspire within my yoga workshops and retreats and festivals. How do you feel? How do you want to feel? Can you use the yoga pose as the pause and as an opportunity to observe versus the flow? And most importantly, know that it will always evolve and reshape and be redefined?

The more we can practice tuning into who we are, the more stable and connected we become. The more mindful our choices are. The more responses we have versus snappy reactions. But how can we truly tune into our hearts when we live in this world of external?

Step 1. 

Breathe. I know, it's so simple. In fact, everything I'm writing is already stuff you know. We have an inner guide. We just need the time to stop and listen. You know when your power goes out in your house and all appliances become quiet? That's what stopping to take a mindful breath does to your brain. So while you are reading this, take a nice, full inhale and follow it with a juicy exhale. Do it again.

That's better.

The Sweetness of Internal

Step 2. 

Self-care. It's a form of self-love and it's the one thing that will make you rock solid against any external stimulation. When I sit back and observe, I wonder: When did it become a numbers game? How many likes. How many followers. How many people in a yoga class. Since when has that become a measurement of self-worth? It's all external. The more we can practice self-love and self-care, the more we will know that it's our heart space that truly measures our self-worth. Find a morning routine that works for you; a few moments with your tea, a few moments journaling or even watching the flame of a candle flicker. It doesn't have to be extravagant and lengthy. Keep it simple.

Step 3. 

Feeling good. Notice how you feel. How? Repeat step 1 and step 2 daily. Grab a pad of sticky notes and write down love notes to yourself. Place them in places that you will see them (the refrigerator, in your lunch, on your pillow, on your steering wheel). I love to write down: "How do I feel?" or the feeling that I want to feel: "Patient. Free. Confident." Make it your own. The more we stay on top of our vibe the more and more we tune into who we are.

The Sweetness of Internal

How far are we willing to go to truly align with our heart beat and find the sweetness of the internal? That every day, external stuff is so much more easily navigated when navigated from our heart space and not our headspace.

How do you feel? How do you want to feel?

The magic happens in the slowest of moments. In those moments when we truly connect to the internal knowing. It's where the real you lives. 

Learning that she and we are more capable than we give ourselves credit for, Meredith creates space for students to reach out, dig deeper, and not take themselves too seriously. Teaching workshops and retreats globally, Meredith is infuses freedom into her teachings, allowing students to feel their own sense of empowerment.

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