Which Goddess Are You?

Which Goddess Are You?

How to find the right yoga fit for your body type!

At KiraGrace, we believe that every woman’s body is unique and beautiful, so our design team created technical designer yoga clothes that flatter your distinctive goddess shape. We have taken care of all the details so that you will look and feel your best when wearing our clothing. We have three goddess fits designed to emphasize the best assets of your body and personality. Take this quick questionnaire to find out what kind of goddess you are!

1. Which celebrity does your silhouette resemble most?

a. Nicole Kidman
b. Beyonce
c. Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock - so hollywood chic

Beyonce - popminute

2. During inversions you are… 

a. well covered and ready to go!
b. always worried the girls are going to pop out and say hello
c. not too concerned the girls will make a debut, but it could happen

3. When you buy clothes, what do you look for?

a. Something that accentuates my curves, because I don't have any!
b. Something that flatters my curves because I have a lot!
c. Most styles compliment my shape.

4. If your waist had a name, it would be...

a. the Straight Shooter
b. the Cinchy Cindy
c. the Average Amy

5. When you go for a run, which phrase best describes you:

a. I don't even need a bra!
b. I need two bras, and I still get honked at!
c. I feel great in the right bra, which is easy for me to find!

Thank you for taking our quick quiz! If you scored:

– mostly a's, you are one of our dazzling Diana goddesses
– mostly b's, you are a super stunning Venus goddess
– mostly c's, you are our lovely Victoria goddess

The Diana Fit from KiraGrace

The Diana Fit

The Diana Fit is specifically designed for our athletical built goddesses with narrower hips and well-defined shoulders. If Madonna is your body type look-a-like, then this is the right match for your shape. These sleek cuts highlight the beauty of your back and accentuate your feminine features.

The Venus Fit from KiraGrace!

The Venus Fit

Are you a Beyonce? Then the Venus design is the perfect fit for your hourglass figure! Fashioned with support, coverage, and a design that honors your gorgeous shape, the Venus can handle all of your curves!

The Victoria Fit from KiraGrace!

The Victoria Fit

Do you find that you fall in the middle of the spectrum? The Victoria is just right for you, Goldilocks! This style is particularly tailored with our natural goddesses in mind. With comfortable compression and stylish support, the Victoria fit flawlessly holds the cute, average-sized bust and booty.

We hope your new Goddess persona helps you while shopping KiraGrace! Many of our tops and bottoms cater to a specific shape, so please keep this in mind as you shop. Below you will find a helpful guide to get you in the right size:


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