The Jet-Setter Diaries

The Jet-Setter Diaries

Posted by Shelby Comito On 2nd Jun 2014 In jet setter, lifestyle, travel, travel blog, traveling

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KiraGrace at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference

Here and There

There are few things as sweet as nestling beneath the covers of your own bed after a long trip. KiraGrace has been on the road and in the air for the past week, and we are thankful to be home again. Last week, we hit the skies for a glorious weekend at the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco. We relish the fabulous opportunity to learn from incredible teachers like Ana Forrest and Seane Corn, and we love the chance to meet and greet our own customers! After the conference, we made a quick turn around for the KiraGrace photoshoot in Hollywood, California. It was so exciting to work with an all female crew – okay... there was one guy - but it was such a great team! We savored getting to spend two full days with Tiffany Cruikshank and Sianna Sherman. Their presence and energy set everyone in the room ablaze with joy.

Our travels are some of our most cherished memories. It is unforgettably thrilling to wander down the streets of a new city where every sight, sound, and smell is curiously intriguing. With the growing ease and speed of travel, one often hears the remark that the world has shrunk in size because we are able to go faster and farther than we ever could before. You could see it this way, but there is also an expansive quality about traveling. To open yourself to different cultures, languages, and modes of living is to give your own understanding a wider space to grow. These humbling experiences show us that there is so much more - that our own lives are but a tiny drop in a beautiful ocean.

On the set of the Summer Goddess Photoshoot with Sianna Sherman

Traveling awakens the heart, but it can also tire the spirit. Even in the most relaxing pockets of the world, thoughts begin to drift homeward after a while. This is because, as exciting and delightful as it is to explore the world, our own homes, cities, and countries are the places we are called to for a purpose. Where we invest the majority of our time, energy, and love is where we invest our lives.

Get-aways are fun and necessary to refresh the spirit, but oftentim we long to get away because we lose our vision. Hunger and exhaustion threaten to fray our strength of spirit, and we forget that there is great purpose and intention to where we are and what we do, even in the seemingly mundane tasks of a typical day. Take time to reflect on your Here and your present purpose.

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