Root Chakra Meditation

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The Seven Chakras

Meditating with your Chakras is an essential practice to balance the flow of energy that courses through our body. The seven Chakras run down our spine, often shown with circles of color, and when these points align, we find balance, harmony and peace with our bodies, the earth, and any connection we have to a higher being. Each Chakra is interconnected with the rest, so balancing any one will create change in another. If this sounds like a foreign language to you, don't worry! You need no experience to practice opening your chakras. Root chakra meditation will help you find a healthier, more balanced and peaceful version of you.

Nadine Bazan

The Root Chakra

Today, we are going to focus on the Root Chakra, located at the base of our spine. This serves as the grounding center in our lives. The Root Chakra keeps our sense of safety and our physical needs in check. It is important to keep your Root Chakra in balance because without it, we can lose the foundation all of the other Chakras rely on. When balanced, we trust in the stability provided in our lives, because we have grown our roots in a safe environment. This stability is often not only based on our primal needs like food, water and shelter, but also our emotional needs. The Root Chakra’s energy is sometimes referred to as Muladhara for its feminine energy. Muladhara can be broken down into two Sanskrit words – mula which means “root” and adhara means “support” or “base”. Muladhara can provide courage during times in which we are tested.

The Color Red

The Root Chakra is represented by the color red, for it symbolizes our primal instincts, our strength and our vitality. You can bring your focus to a certain chakra through yoga, mantra and meditation on the color of the chakra. Some find that while practicing yoga or speaking your mantras, wearing or being surrounded by the color red is helpful in bringing your focus to this Chakra. The photos featured in this article show a great range of ways to bring red into your yoga apparel wardrobe. Some of our best reviewed legging are our red yoga pants! Wearing the color red while practicing root chakra meditation helps you connect to this powerful red hue glowing from within. Never mess with a woman in red! 

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Your Guided Root Chakra Meditation

We've created a guided Root Chakra Meditation to help you connect to this grounding power. First find a quiet place to sit comfortably, without distractions. Keeping your spine straight, relax your shoulders and open your heart. Place your hands where they feel comfortable, like in your lap or on top of your knees. Relax all of your muscles, from your forehead to your chin, your neck to your belly, your belly to your toes. Draw your focus to your breath, inhaling and exhaling fully, feeling the breath in your lower belly. Slow the thoughts running in your mind. Bring your awareness to your Muladhara, the space between your tailbone and pubic bone. Imagine a warm red light at the base of your spine. You are safe; you are grounded. You are supported by the earth beneath you, and the universe surrounding you. Let peace and strength radiate from this deep power. Feel the foundation that connects you to every part of your being. Absorb the energy from this light that is keeping you grounded.

Root Chakra Affirmations

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These affirmations can help ground you in your root chakra meditation and serve as great reminders to feel stable throughout your day. It's powerful to say them out loud or to write them down in a journal.

~ I feel safe.

~ I am secure.

~ I have deep roots.

~ I am grounded.

~ I have found my peace.

~ I trust more, I fear less.

~ I am connected to the earth.

~ The universe will provide for me.

~ My needs are met.

After meditating on these grounding phrases, we encourage you to dive deeper in by locating places where your Root Chakra may be blocked or imbalanced. Several signs can manifest when it's not functioning optimally including: feelings of insecurity, aggressiveness, sexual dysfunction, anger, restlessness, eating disorders, constipation, back pain, and fatigue. Yoga, healing foods and healing stones can all help return your Root Chakra to its full functioning form. We've compiled a list of questions below to help you find areas that may be causing you instability in order to address and heal them.

Useful Questions To Guide Your First Chakra Healing

~Do you have all that you need to live comfortably?

~Are you financially stable?

~Do you feel a connection with your natural environment?

~Do you have a strong support system where you live?

~Do you feel resourceful when meeting life's challenges?

~Are you meeting your deepest needs and aspirations?

~Are your roots strong enough to sustain you?

Thank you to our dear friend and yoga instructor Desirée Rumbaugh for assisting us with this blog!

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